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Environmental Friendly Hotel

Best Western Plus Sthlm Bromma is labelled with the Green Key certificate. Green Key is an eco-label for companies in the hospitality business. We are constantly trying to find new areas we can improve. Environmental work is not a one-time job but an ongoing process.
We are grateful for tips and suggestions on how to improve our environmental work:

Our Environmental work

Here are some examples of our environmental initiatives:

  • We sort and recycle our waste.
  • We cooperate with suppliers who actively works to minimize their effect on the environment. 
  • All the electricity used in this facility comes from renewable sources, 95% hydroelectric and 5% solar energy.
  • We also actively work to reduce our paper consumptions.
  • We prioritize and prefer to use products that are ECO- labelled.
  • We actively are working on reducing our overall transportations.
  • We purchase equipment that is efficient in terms och energy and water consumption. 

You can help us
You as our guest can also contribute to environmental work. Here are some tips for your stay:

  • Only take what you can eat at our buffets in order to reduce our food waste. Currently, we waste approximately 30 kg of food daily. To reduce the dishwashing please re-use your plates, cups and glasses.
  • By using your towel one further day we can reduce our energy and water waste.
  • During your stay we change your linens after three nights, if you are staying longer with us and would like to use the same linens please inform the front desk.
  • Please recycle your paper or plastic waste by placing them into the appropriate bins located by the elevators.
  • Please turn off the TV and unplug chargers from the electrical outlets when not in use - this not only saves energy but also reduces the risk of a fire. Remove the key card from the cardholder as you leave the room.
  • Save water and energy by taking shorter showers. By reducing your shower from 10 minutes to 3 minutes, you save approximately 84 litres of water.
  • Don't let the faucet run unnecessarily while brushing your teeth.
  • We are grateful for tips and suggestions on how to improve our environmental work:

Green Key Certified

How can you make a difference to the environment? It is really easy! When you choose to stay with us you have made exactly that. You have chosen a Green Key labelled hotel. A good choice for you and an even better choice for the environment. This means that you are automatically helping to preserve the environment since we meet Green Keys' strict environmental requirements. We make it easier for you to make a difference without compromising your experience or comfort.
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