Best Breakfast - Hotel Breakfast in Bromma

We happen to know that one of the biggest reasons for choosing a specific hotel is the hotel breakfast.
We offer high-quality ingredients at the breakfast buffet. Our ambition is to buy as much as possible from local manufacturers. 

Low on sugar
We think the amount of sugar in your breakfast is your choice. Therefore we serve unsweetened yoghurt,  to which you can add berry compote, fruit salad, our spiced sugar or plain sugar. Then you have a variety of nuts, seeds, dried fruits, muesli, flakes, dried berries, homemade sprinkles, etc. to top your plate with. Does it sound like a good idea? Welcome to our breakfast buffet!

Best Breakfast & Meet the Locals
With a focus on locally produced products, homemade recipes and staff who give tips on their favourites, we hope that our breakfast buffet feels local and personal.

If you live nearby and get cravings for a big hotel breakfast, make the best of your morning and come to us and enjoy our breakfast buffet. 
175 sek/person
3-6 years 35 sek
7-12 years 75 sek
over 12 years 175 sek

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